We pride ourselves on providing the very best care to our patients. Part of this commitment to providing you with the care you need is ensuring that our dentistry is affordable and finances don’t get in the way of you receiving the expert dentistry you require. To ensure this we offer finance options on most treatment plans, please contact us for details.
We understand that dentistry can be complex and that knowing what treatment is necessary, why, and the costs can be confusing. Your needs are unique to you. In dentistry one size doesn’t fit all.  To ensure you have the knowledge to make informed decisions about your care we will always:
  1. Provide you with all the treatment options.
  2. We will explain why a treatment is necessary and what it involves.
  3. Provide you with a full treatment plan and estimate of costs

Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions.

Fee Guide for 2017

*BSE infection control regulations state that all root canal treatment is single instrument use. All single use rotary files used during root canal treatment will be charged at the trade cost to you.
To help you manage the costs of having regular visits to both the dentist and the hygienist or for more extensive treatment, we are pleased to offer various payment options and an interest-free and low cost payment plan. If you are interested, please ask for more details
From  £43
From  £442
From  £699.7
From  £332
From  £2550.00

Denplan Care

Denplan care ensures your dental health is maintained, covering an examination and hygiene appointment.

Dental Plan including:

  • 2 Dental Examinations per annum
  • FREE small x-rays (bite wings) when clinically necessary
  • emergency appointments (excluding treatment)
  • worldwide Accident and Emergency Dental Insurance
£12.95 monthly